Seton Center: Christmas Sharing 2020 Recap & Reflections

This holiday season was especially important for our Seton Center families to know they are cared for and supported by the members of our KC community. We are incredibly grateful for the time, talent, and treasure everyone contributed to Christmas Sharing. Whether you served by adopting a family or Senior Buddy, donating new coats, contributing new household items, or volunteering with event prep and program delivery, you SHOWED UP for our Seton Center families. Thank you for your kindness, holiday spirit, and willingness to serve others. We appreciate you! – Seton Center Team

We served 374 families including:
494 Children
520 Adults
26 Senior Buddies
For a total of 1,040 People Served

Each child received a new coat, a new stocking hat, five new pairs of underwear, five new pairs of socks, stocking stuffers, a new book, and a gift valued at $30. Each household received a brand new household item (crock pot, air fryer, vacuum, etc.), a $20 gift card to Sun Fresh, a bag of groceries and a bag of commodity items that contained holiday foods. Each household received hygiene items including toilet paper, deodorant, body soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and laundry detergent. Each Senior Buddy received a $35 Visa gift card.

Statements of Gratitude:

“In a year that has been extremely difficult, Seton Center offered some hope. When we got the call about Christmas Sharing, we were overjoyed.”
~ Janelle Turner Lee, Christmas Sharing 2020 Participant

“As a parent you try to be joyful for your children, even when times are tough. This year has been a lot to take in. Christmas Sharing was the positive push I needed to continue to put a smile on my face for my kids. May God bless everyone who made it happen.”
~ Harvey Hamilton, Christmas Sharing 2020 Participant

“When I opened the red bag, it was everything I wanted for my kids. Whoever adopted my family, nailed it! My kids will be so happy Christmas morning.”
~ Angela Phillips, Christmas Sharing 2020 Participant

“I’m so grateful for my gift card. I used it to buy some items for my home from Walmart. So glad you all didn’t forget about us Senior Buddies. It’s nice to know someone is thinking about us even though we can not be together.”
~ Evelyn Thomas, Senior Buddy

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