"Charity, Humility and Simplicity"


Please note the following:

  • We will plan again to have our February General Meeting at Nativity on February 4.  After the mass, we will have a short meeting where new officers will be installed.  Hope you can make it.  We are also grateful to Seton Center for offering such a safe opportunity for us to ease back into volunteering during the Christmas giving event. We know there is light ahead and are hopeful that the vaccine will soon come our way. Happy and Healthy New Year to All!!
  • A gentle reminder to continue keeping track of your volunteer time as it is so important for our efforts on the national level.
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Upcoming Events

Thank You

Our time volunteering is valuable!  In 2019 we reported 48,370 hours of our time which is the equivalent of $1,152,952.00!!!  We encourage everyone to keep track of your volunteer hours with LOC and other charitable work, it all adds up!!  In 2019, 162 of our members reported hours which is an increase of 46% from 2018. Incredible work ladies!  Again, THANK YOU!

Our Mission

To provide opportunities for faith-filled women working together to assist people living in poverty and at risk through humility, simplicity and charity.

Our Vision

We strive to use our time, talents and treasure to provide assistance to all people living in poverty and at risk with a long-term goal to break the cycle of generational poverty.

The Ladies of Charity Prayer

(to be said at 9:00 a.m. every Monday):
Charity, Humility and Simplicity
My God, I humbly beg you to make me an instrument of your love; give me the grace of performing all my actions to help my neighbor with charity, humility and simplicity.

It is my hope, Lord, that fidelity in the practice of these virtues may obtain the reward which you have promised to those who serve you in the person of the poor.