About Us

Who are the Ladies of Charity of Metropolitan Kansas City?

We are an organization of overĀ 600 women who respond with volunteerism and financial assistance to low-income, sick, and disadvantaged individuals. Ladies of Charity volunteers give over 60,000 hours annually in activities from major fund-raising projects to hands-on support of various health, social, and spiritual activities.

Our vision is to actively engage and increase our dedicated members in our mission to break the cycle of generational poverty and to assist people living at risk.

Board of Directors

President – Mary Pat Sullivan

President Elect –

Director of Development – Sarah McEnerney

Co-directors of Membership – Erin O’Reilly, Kerry Beller

Recording Secretary – Eleanor Raggett

Corresponding Secretary – Peggy Oades

Treasurer – Paula Logan

Past President – Rosemary Nelson

Spiritual Moderator – Ruth Noel

Spiritual Advisor – Rev. Michael Mulhearn, C.M.

LCUSA Representative – Ruth Wellman

Chairpersons of Standing Committees

Budget/Finance – Barbara Ferrell

Programs – Mary Adams

Publicity – Mary Lew McCarty

Spiritual – Karen Brinker

Volunteer Services – Sharon Brown

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