Who are the Ladies of Charity of Metropolitan Kansas City?

We are an organization of over 800 women who respond with volunteerism and financial assistance to low income, sick, and disadvantaged individuals. We belong to the Ladies of Charity of the United States of America, a national organization of over 8,000 women. The Ladies of Charity of Metro Kansas City volunteers give over 60,000 hours annually in activities from major fund-raising projects to hands-on support of various health, social, and spiritual activities.

Our History

Our amazing story began over 350 years ago at Chatillon-les-dombes in the Diocese of Lyon, France. Inspired by the vision of Vincent de Paul and with the help of St. Louise de Marillac, the first Ladies of Charity association was established in 1617 for the purpose of serving the sick and needy.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Short intro @ tradition of LOCKC volunteering and then this will link to the list of volunteer opps.

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What is AIC?

AIC is an international association of more than 200.000 volunteers, most of whom are women, comprised of 52 associations present in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe, and the USA. Local teams of volunteers organize projects in their own locality. We are one of the oldest voluntary associations, founded by St Vincent de Paul, the precursor of humanitarian aide.

Vincentian Family

Any organization calling itself “Vincentian” must extend Vincent’s dream to its own time and place. All of us are inheritors of St. Vincent’s legacy and vision. The challenge before us, as with every generation, is to choose whether Vincent’s vision will be a piece of history or a living, breathing mission alive in its members.