Ladies of Charity of Metropolitan Kansas City

“Charity, Humility and Simplicity”

New “Mission Market” a good fit with KC LOC’s goal to assist vulnerable and economically poor

Looking for a way to provide genuine assistance to people living in poverty? Try this “E-Market”

The Ladies of Charity of Kansas City in cooperation with the Ladies of Charity of the United Sates of America® have a simple way to reach out to a global community and help provide systemic change through collaboration.

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Our Mission

The Ladies of Charity of Metropolitan Kansas City is a non-profit organization whose dedication has provided over 60 years of volunteer service, advocacy and financial assistance for those living in poverty or whose lives are at risk. We are a self-governing chapter of the Ladies of the United States, founded on the principles of St. Vincent de Paul. We strive to serve with Humility, Simplicity and Charity. As a Catholic-based organization, we welcome women of all religious denominations. Together with our members, donors, beneficiaries, affiliates and the Vincentian family, we strive to break the cycle of generational poverty and to provide a better quality of life for those we serve.

The Ladies of Charity Prayer

“My God, I humbly beg you to make me an instrument of your love; give me the grace of performing all my actions to help my neighbor with charity, humility and simplicity….”